SIS Consulting Ltd is a business consultancy firm owned by a Hungarian private person.

The purpose of establishing the firm was to create a platform for the general manger to be able to pass over his experiences he gathered in multinational environment in fields of commerce, leadership, capability and organization development.

Therefore the company started to manage numerous projects on these fields right after being established. Some were managed solely by the general manager while some were dedicated to teams of fellow consultants with expertise in particular fields of business.

Based on the successful projects done previously, we can add the most value in the following business areas when it comes to business consultancy or project management:

  • Commercial projects (mainly FMCG and some non-food categories)
  • Go to market planning
  • Business- and capability development projects (basic- middle level- and advanced level sales trainings, key account management trainings, commercial strategy development, train the trainer programme, business planning etc.)
  • Structure- and organization development related projects
  • Commercial process development
  • Several commercial finance and controlling projects


Tesco – we provided Tesco Europe with 250 sales advisors in 4 countries for their special in-store, direct selling project, including related training system, performance management and process development. The project duration was approx. 2 years.
BH Distribution – we have been providing consultancy to establish our Partner’s commercial processes, develop their G2M strategy, we have been managing their sales capability development structure, their process management planning and quality insurance efforts.
Orbico Group – our long term project’s objective was to create a robust, structured capability development strategy in line with the company’s culture and values. Later, our job was to lead a team of Orbico employees to put the strategy into action in the 20 countries for more than 8000 employees who work for the Group.
Gamma Home Entertainment – we are continuously providing consultancy to our sister company in sales, capability development and business management fields.
Immunetec - our assignment was to create the winning G2M and commercial strategy for the company’s new innovative product line.
Utiber – we set up a team of consultants to map the company’s processes in management, HR, finance and IT departments. The objective was to create an actionable internal reco for the stakeholders (quick wins & strategic goals) based on a 360 degree analysis and on industry best practises.
Wonderduck – we have been supporting our Partner with numerous consultancy and capability development projects in the fields of sales, capability development and leadership in the past few years.


SIS Consulting Kft.
H-2092 Budakeszi, Szőlőskert u. 21.